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Nikie & William Long Beach Island Engagement Session

Nikie & Will are getting married!! These two crazy people are planning a wedding while also in intense medical school. John graduated from OT school and Nikie is in PA school. I feel like I’m photographing famous people. Not sure how they are mentally handling all of that but, they are troopers and I love seeing all the adventures their relationship takes them on. They are such sweet people and clearly they are best friends. They were so much fun to take photos of. They climbed over fences and on top of rocks. They dealt with me talking to myself for a little over an hour to get all the right settings and they totally rocked this session. We got yelled at by residents, we climbed rocks, we saw 5 foot fish, fishing boats, and fog overtake everything but, it was a lot of fun. We went to Long Beach Island and explored the nature park there. Barnegat lighthouse is seriously one of my favorite places and I loved that they wanted to go there. Their wedding is coming up quick and I’m really excited to be there with them on June 16!!!

Your’e day is coming up quick! Can’t wait!


Wanted to get the birds huge nest in their photos somehow!!


Would never know that we are actually right by the beach! I love this area, so gorgeous!


These boats were everywhere and it was so cool to get such a sweet moment out of this! What a beautiful day this was. The sun was going to set soon and we climbed all the way out here to get this shot!


Obligatory lower half feet photo!


This is my favorite one of them. What a beautiful genuine moment and so cute! Love these two!

PinthisPinthisI love her ring! He did a good job!


See you both in a few months when you go to tie the knot! Can’t wait!

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