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Megan + Patrick are Married at The Loft at Landis Creek

Megan + Patrick were married at the end of August on a stunning bright sunny day. I showed up to a room filled with some gorgeous bridesmaids all finishing their make-up and getting ready. Right away I knew this was going to be a great day. Instantly, you can tell right away that everyone was happy and this was a day that has been anticipated for a long time.Megan and Pat are both incredible people; they were sweet, beautiful, silly, and obviously so in love.Their wedding was just beautiful. I loved just watching all the moments happen and how in love they were. It was a beautiful day, a beautiful venue, a beautiful ceremony and a stunning couple. This day was perfect and I loved being apart of it. Watching peoples love stories unfold with in just a few hours in amazing.

Here are just a few photos that represent this day and all it meant.


Venue:           Loft at Landis Creek

Florist:           Megans father (bouquets) & enchanted florists skippack

Cake Artist:   brooklyn girl bakery

DJ:                  Eclipse DJ Entertainers, DJ Scott


PinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisOkay…not everyday you can say your dad made your bouquet and it turns out like this. I was beyond shocked and amazed at this bouquet. Props to an awesome dad/florist!PinthisPinthisMegan had personalized hankies made for her parents. Notes to remember how special her parents are and put tears of joy on. What a perfect gift!PinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisUmmm look at these two! They are just so dang good looking, I can’t handle this! Megan wore a stunning dress I believe made from Maggie Sattora & Pat wore a dapper Dark Navy suit. They looked great together!PinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisLove these fisherman knot name cards. PinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisNothing “fishy” going on here, Someone really wanted the cake from this wedding. I mean look at it, it just looks so dang good. Our fishing couple a-top this cake is clearly awesome.PinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisPinthisThe Maid of Honors speech had a Ken Doll gift-giving in it, so figured we would add Ken into their ring photo. Seemed fitting enough.

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